50mm Rockwool Sandwich Panel 20ft Flat Pack Shipping Container

Informação Básica
Lugar de origem: China
Marca: Sussman
Certificação: CE; ISO
Número do modelo: TAIS
Quantidade de ordem mínima: 1 grupo
Preço: USD1500 per set
Detalhes da embalagem: Filme plástico
Habilidade da fonte: 50 grupos pelo dia
Tipo de produto: Casas do recipiente Tamanho: 20ft 40ft
Acessórios: Gal, parafuso de rosca, rebite, parafuso e selante Janela: Janela de PVC ou Janela de aço plástico
Parede: EPS, lã de rocha, painel sanduíche PU aplicação: Hotel, casa de campo, apartamento, prédio de escritórios

20ft flat pack shipping container


50mm flat pack shipping container


RockWool flat pack containers


50mm Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Flat Pack Prefab Container House 20ft Modular Ready Container House Price


1. Container house brief introduction
Container house is designed and developed according to the standard size of shipping container. Transportation is designed in accordance with a standard ISO shipping container. The corner casting structure enables lifting capability utilizing a crane in the same manner as a standard ISO shipping container.

2. Container house characteristics


1) Can be used as dormitory temporary hospital toilet office storage room etc

2) Can be installed in a short time assembled by bolts with a high intensity

3) Can be used repeatedly with a life span of more than 15 years

4) With a well-sealed and reliable structure water-proof fire-resistant moisture-proof and anti-corrosive

5) With supporting facilities such as washbasin shower air-conditioner, socket and so on;

6) The special design enables to carry this container house in a whole without damages, so it's quite suitable for movable projects.


                                                       size(20ft and 40ft)

  20ft container house 40ft container house

inner length/

external length

5.90m/6.00m 11.90m/12.05m

inner width/

external width

(two options)





inner height/

external height

2.60m/2.70m 2.60m/2.70m
weight 1800kg per unit 2950kg per unit
color customer-made





Base plate:3.0
Roof panel:1.5
Wind force:0.6


Sound insulation(db)


Base plate:30~35
Roof panel:30~35
Wind force:20~25

heat transfer


Base plate:0.46
Roof panel:0.64

Wall panel:0.47



50mm Rockwool Sandwich Panel 20ft Flat Pack Shipping Container 050mm Rockwool Sandwich Panel 20ft Flat Pack Shipping Container 150mm Rockwool Sandwich Panel 20ft Flat Pack Shipping Container 2

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